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Verde Ubatuba Granite Worktop

A lovely Verde Ubatuba granite worktop

Verde Ubatuba granite has originated from Brazil and is renowned for its hardness and durability. As compared to other granite stones Ubatuba is strongly characterized by qualities like heat and water resistance, robustness and unique colour combination. Verde Ubatuba granite is generally preferred for tiling, kitchen worktops and floors. There are several other names by that Verde Ubatuba is known like Bhaia Green, Labrador Green, and Emerald Green etc.

Formation and Chemical Composition

It has an appreciable list of chemical arrangement that chiefly contains mica and quartz and this is the reason that Verde Ubatuba is found to be in top when it comes to durability. Other minerals like aluminium, oxygen, sodium, potassium, magnesium and silicon are also contributes in its formation and all these minerals ranges from 4.78% to 56.11% in concentration depending upon the geographical location from where it is been quarried.

The formation of granite is always requiring high temperature and pressure because its main manufacturing ingredient is hot molten lava. Due to the eruption of volcanic magma all the igneous rocks enters into the pre-existing layers of the rocks in molten state and settle down there at right temperature and pressure that further pushes the inner layers and hardens into a solid rock form and eventually granite rock is produced.


Generally most of the Ubatuba granite is found in the colour of green but their shade varies from medium to dark green. Verde Ubatuba granite is also exhibits beautiful green shade but if you browse Granite4Less collection in category of Ubatuba granite then you will find brown or black shades as well that look as elegant as green ones. Most of the granite exhibits veining patterns on its surface but in Ubatuba you will find gold, white or brown coloured flecks that run throughout its surface. This type of colour arrangement in Verde Ubatuba seems to change colours when light reflects back from its surface.