Tan Brown Granite Worktop

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Thought I'd drop you a short note to say thanks for a great job at a great price. Your installation team arrived on Saturday afternoon, checked our template, cut and installed our granite top and all in the middle of a snow storm. The granite was exactly as ordered, your team were a pleasure to deal with and the finished job is beautiful and all at a price less than half our nearest local supplier......Many thanks.

Bob Williams from Aberdeen

Tan Brown Granite Worktop

A lovely Tan Brown granite worktop. Granite is one common type of igneous rocks that is found in abundance below the earth’s crust and is formed from some melted rocks below the earth. Like other coloured granite, tan Brown also received its colour from the chemical compound known as alkali feldspar. However, it is not of absolute brown in colour as its surface display some splotches of dark brown and grey colour. And if you find some of the black coloured specks on the surface of tan brown granite then it is due to the presence of biotite.

Origin of Tan Brown

The formation of all granite stone whether it is tan brown or red granite is almost same although they differ in concentration of some basic chemical compounds like quartz, mica, silica, potassium and feldspar otherwise they all are manufactured by the process of fractionation and metamorphosis. Brazil and Norway are the two designated places from where tan brown granite is extracted and exported in abundance. There are some other places as well like India, North America, and China from where brown coloured granite is quarried.

Chemical Composition

There are a very few chemical compounds that are common in all kinds of granite that are feldspar, potassium, silica, quartz and mica. Among all Quartz and Feldspar are of utmost importance as quarts provides the hardness to granite that makes it to withstand in extreme weather conditions. And Feldspar is basically available in two different format plagioclase and alkali feldspar and the latter one is responsible for giving the particular colour and shade to granite stone.

Uses of Tan Brown Granite

Tan brown granite is quite hard and durable stone that is used as dimension stone as well as for interior decoration. Kitchen worktops, Floor tiles, pavement curbs, sculptures, backsplash are some of the basic construction needs that tan Brown granite is preferred for.