Black Pearl Granite Worktop

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Black Pearl Granite Worktop

A lovely black pearlesent granite worktop

The black pearl granite, originated from India and in appearance not completely black as it reflects the grey coloured flecks on its surface. Its texture and uniform appearance is quite simple and very dark in colour. Due to such colours and simple veining patterns it is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops as it will not draw away the attention from any creative design that you are planning to do in your kitchen. There are several kinds of stylish and modern backsplash designs that compliment with black pearl granite and give a new look to kitchen interiors. Backsplash Ideas with Black Pearl Granite

The designers at Granite4Less came up with some new schemes in backsplash designing by using the black pearl granite as kitchen worktop. Here are a few suggestions that you may consider while decorating your kitchen space:

When it comes to durability and elegance then there is one name that comes in mind is granite. There are several shades that you will find in granite and if you are looking for variety in granite stone under one roof then Granite4Less is one destination. We are the leading suppliers of granite stone all across UK. At Granite4Less you will find several varieties in black pearl granite stone as it is one of the most preferable colours for countertops and is perfect for other uses as well like wall cladding, flooring, garden furniture etc.